SolidGRAPHEN shower trays, in Halios and Nyord designs, are 30mm thick and are made to the following dimensions:

Graphenecore Shower Tray Dimensions


Suitable for timber or solid floors, our shower trays can be installed in the following ways:

Recessed in the floor

Shower Tray Installed In Floor

Directly on the floor

Shower Tray Installed On Floor

Above the floor

Shower Tray Installed Above Floor


SolidGRAPHEN shower trays come with a finished slate texture surface, which completely removes the need to tile or vinyl the tray.

As well as being an excellent time-saver, the surface has achieved the highest slip resistance rating available at Class 3, R13.



McAlpine 3-Pin Gravity Waste

Each shower tray is supplied with a McAlpine 3-Pin gravity waste with 50mm water seal, fully compliant with UK building regulations.


Each shower tray is supplied with a grate. The grate is made from 304 grade stainless steel, at 1.8mm thickness.

The Halios design features a small square grate with square drainage holes.

The Nyord design is a larger, more elaborate grate spanning most of the width of the shower tray.


Halios Grate Design White


Nyord Grate Design White